November 17, 2004

Tournament and Promotional Results

We had a great time at the tournament and are sorry for those who wanted to make the trip, but couldn't.

There were over 140 players and 20 teams that competed at this tournament, which may prove to be the largest contingency in SEUSKF tournament history.

Here are the final results of each division. Congrats to all!
(note: Kanto Sho is the "Fighting Spirit" award)

Junior Youth (up to 13 years):
1st - Eamon Felton-Curtice (TMG)
2nd - Eun Park (GKA)
3rd - Hayato DeSouza (GKA)
3rd - Ah ???? (Koryo - Richmond, VA)

Senior Youth (14-17 yr olds)
1st - Yuki DeSouza (GKA)
2nd - Eric A. Gaddis (Karate Int. - Raleigh, NC)
3rd - Justin Moon (Washington)
3rd - G. Park (GKA)
Kanto Sho - Skaura Matsushita

Mudansha (18 & up, under Black Belt)
1st - Jason Lane (Charlotte)
2nd - Daryl Weade (Koryo)
3rd - Yasuhiro Yokote (Charlotte)
3rd - Tae Young Park (GKA)
Kanto Sho - Karina Vas (Orlando)

1st - Valera Vulfson (Memphis Kendo Club)
2nd - Chang Suk Oh (GKA)
3rd - Sekita ??? (TMG)
3rd - Herman Sai Perez Uehara (Triangle)
Kanto Sho - Katalin Nieves (South Florida)

Sandan and above
1st - Masaru Shimada (Charlotte Kendo Club)
2nd - Shinobu Maeda (TMG)
3rd - Frank Nieves (South Florida)
3rd - William Collazo (Shidogakuin Miami)
Kanto Sho - Royoko Barr (GKA)

1st - Charlotte Kendo Club
2nd - Triangle Kendo Club
3rd - TMG
3rd - Charleston Kendo Club


Would also like to congratulate those from our dojo who passed their promotional:
Rogers Gossett - 3rd dan
Don Crittendon - 1st dan
Walter White - 1st dan

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