November 10, 2005

Memphis Kendoka success at 2005 SEUSKF Tournament/Promotion

Results of the 2005 Southeast Kendo Federation Tournament will be forthcoming..

In the meantime, congratulations are in order for Mr. Don Crittendon who successfully passed his Nidan examination. Additionally, Robin Oh(?) -- who went into the testing with no rank -- was awarded ni-kyu (two steps below Shodan).

With Don's promotion, the Memphis dojo now has seven dan-holders in regular attendance at class (one 4.dan, two 3.dan, two 2.dan, two 1.dan)

In addition, Don placed 3rd in the tournament's shodan-nidan division. In recent years, the Memphis group has done very well in this division, capturing 1st place once, 2nd place once, and third place twice.

Congrats again to Don and Robin on their achievements!

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