February 02, 2006

SEUSKF News Items

2005 SEUSKF Tournament Results:

Shodan-Nidan Division:
1. Chang Oh (GKA)
2. Yuki DeSouza (GKA)
3. Nobuhiro Sekita (TMG)

Sandan+ Division:
1. Kotaro Yoshida (Triangle)
2. Yukihisa Tokunaga (Triangle)
3. Yoshimi DeSouza (GKA)
3. Daisuke Sugiyama (Dartmouth)

Seniors (45 and up):
1. Shinobu Maeda (TMG)
2. Don Seto (Shidogaikuin, DC)
3. Kunitoshi Arai (GKA)
3. Sokichi Kishi (Orlando)

Junior Youth (12 and under)
1. Ryo Eguchi (Torrance)
2. Brandon Oh (Koryo)
3. John Murden, Jr. (CKIC)

Senior Youth (13-17 yrs old):
1. Yuki DeSouza (GKA)
2. Akira Hara (GKA)
3. Uendae Park (GKA)
3. Nobuhiro Sekita (TMG)

1. Yoshimi DeSouza (GKA)
2. Yatsuki Hoang (Koryo)
3. Jessica O'Quinn (GKA)
3. Ryoko Barr (GKA)

1. Yoo Chong (GKA)
2. Tae Youn Park (GKA)
3. Shunsuke Kishi (Orlando)
3. Pavel Litterback (GKA)



Ken Strawn's Travelling Tip:

When you fly to a Kendo event, you may have encountered the problem [Ken has]. Besides [his] bogu bag and shinai bag, [he] must carry an additional case for [his] kendo prosthetic. When you fly coach, you are restricted to two bags. Twice [he has] had to pay an additional $80 for the third bag.

[Ken] recently flew to California for a kodansha test and this happened again. The lady processing [his] luggage told [him] to tape two of them together and the airline would count it as one. On the return trip, [he] tried this with duct tape --- and it worked!

Remember though, in this post-9/11 world, to put the tape on in a manner so that the suitcase can be opened for inspection without the agents having to cut away your tape and lose one of your bags.

A couple notes from the SEUSKF Board of Director's Meeting --- 17 Sep 2005

1. Treasurer's report -- ending balance as of 9/14/05 was $7,961.05
Total SEUSKF membership: 274

2. Promotional issues: Ken Strawn brought up his feelings that dojo promotionals are getting out of hand. No procedure for holding the promotional has ever been sent to the dojos. Main issue is that permission must be asked of the Vice President of Promotions (Mike Quinn) or results will be nullified. Dojo promotionals can go no higher than 1-kyu. New procedure will be issued.

3. Citadel Seminar -- March 9/10 with Kakehashi Sensei (8-dan) and Miyazaki Sensei (7-dan). SEUSKF agress to pay for one sensei's ticket. A seminar fee will be charged to help cover the other sensei's ticket. Suggested to hold spring promotional in conjunction with this seminar in order to promote attendance (spring promotional usually held at TMG). Plan is for only SEUSKF members allowed to attend.

4. Mentoring -- Maeda-sensei requests travel expenses be paid by SEUSKF for his traveling once a month to assist new dojo in Nashville. After reviewing SEUSKF policies and procedures, dojo must request mentor ahead of time and nothing has ever been set about paying mileage for mentors. As SEUSKF cannot afford to send mentors to every dojo who requests one, it should be the responsibility of the dojo to pay travel expenses for a mentor as much as possible. It is decided to pay Maeda-sensei who traveled in good faith for the two trips he already had made and to decide future requests on an individual basis.

5. Arai-sensei has been asked to become Vice President of Competitions
6. Next meeting is set for January 28, 2006 in Charlotte.


SEUSKF Board of Directors:
President - James Parker (jamesparker@coastalnow.net)
VP-Promotions -- Mike Quinn (mquinn6@hotmail.com)
VP-Education -- Shinobu Maeda (shinobu7358@bellsouth.net)
Secretary -- Eddie Miller (eddiemiller@OrlandoKendo.com)
Treasurer -- Ken Strawn (kenstrawn@earthlink.net)
At Large -- Kentaro Hara (kentaroh@bellsouth.net)
At Large -- John Murden (john.murden@citadel.edu)
At Large -- Kotaro Yoshida (Ky7@duke.edu)

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