October 20, 2006

Memphis Kendoists get noticed at Iaido Nationals..

Link to the full story from the Cinncinnati Enquirer

Quoted in part:

During the last few days, Cincinnati became the center of attention for Iaido lovers, teachers and students across the country as it hosted the U.S. Samurai Sword Championships and Seminar for the first time at the Corryville Recreation Center.

The youngest competitor was 12-year-old Conrad DeLancey, 12, of Memphis. He and his father took up the sport about a year and a half ago and came to their first competition this weekend along with their teacher, Harry Dach, known as a sensei. He’s one of the younger Iaido students, Atkins said. The art takes such discipline and practice that it helps kids stay focused. It also teaches manners, posture and respect. The care used when they fold up their robes after competition rivals that of an American flag being folded.“I just always wanted to learn how to use a sword,” said the dark haired, freckled boy. “I think that’s just neat that you can know how to use it and use it without cutting yourself.”


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