March 29, 2007

Memphis Kendo Club one of the largest in the Southeast US Kendo Federation

According to the most recent stats from SEUSKF President Ken Strawn, Memphis Kendo Club is the THIRD LARGEST dojo (out of 24) in the Southeast US Kendo Federation.

Stats are based on the number of people who signed up to join the SEUSKF/AUSKF.

We had 22 people sign up and since we do not force members to join the SEUSKF, this is an excellent number. Some clubs might require all members to join the federation.

The Top 5:
1. Georgia Kendo Alliance (Atlanta, GA - Arai-sensei) -- 61 members
2. Koryo Kendo Club (Richmond, VA - Hoang-sensei(s)) -- 28 members
3. MEMPHIS KENDO CLUB (Memphis, TN - Dach-sensei) -- 22 members
4. Triangle Kendo Club (Raleigh-Durham, NC - Yasuda-sensei) -- 20 members
5. NASHVILLE KENDO CLUB (Nashville, TN - Ms. Honda) -- 17 members
5. TENNESSEE MEIJI GAKUIN (Sweetwater, TN - Maeda-sensei) -- 17 members

The SEUSKF has member dojos in 7 states:
Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Florida.

Excellent job, everyone! Thanks for joining!

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