July 25, 2007

Info on Promotionals

I have just received word from SEUSKF President Ken Strawn on the topic of promotionals.

The International Kendo Federation (FIK) has passed down new rules concerning promotionals.
The new ruling is that for ranks 6.kyu through 2.kyu, the board of examiners must consist of FIVE 4.dan (or higher).

The official current SEUSKF promotional policy is for the board to consist of a minimum of three 3.dan (or higher), therefore, the new FIK rule invalidates the SEUSKF policy.

The SEUSKF Board of Directors will discuss this issue on August 11, 2007. You may assume that the SEUSKF policy will officially change in order to parallel the FIK rules/procedures.

The SEUSKF Board of Directors recognizes that our regional federation has a shortage of 4.dan+ people and that there is more distance between individual dojos throughout the federation than any other federation of the AUSKF. For this reason, the Board will also discuss the possibility of an additional new policy to allow more promotionals in every part of the SEUSKF rather than just the one that takes place annually at the SEUSKF regional tournament.

That said, there was much discussion between Murakami-sensei (AUSKF VP-promotions) and Hori-sensei (AUSKF President) regarding the poor skill-level among many people who tested for 1.kyu at the Atlanta Summer Camp. There was some discussion regarding people being allowed to test for 1.kyu without having tested for any prior ranking.

As a result, the SEUSKF Board of Directors will also consider a new policy that no one may test for 1.kyu without a prior rank.

Updates to this topic as a whole will be forthcoming after the Aug 11 Board of Directors' meeting.

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