September 20, 2007

Memphis Kendo Group

Here's a picture of the Memphis Kendo Club after last night's practice (minus a few absentees!).
Thanks to Emi Tanaka-san for taking this picture! (Click on the picture to enlarge it)

First row, L to R: Kento Takahashi, Seth Patterson, Rowan Troyer, Garrett Patterson, Shinnosuke Taniguchi

Second row, L to R: Kazuto Yasuda, Kentaro Tanaka, Masami Kamimura, Yuka Kamimura, Conrad Delancey, ____(?)______

Third row, L to R: Kenji Takahashi, Wayne Edge, Bill Delancey, Jeremiah Mazurek, Chris Cole, ____(?)_____, Salman Ali Abidi, Yushi Matsuura

Fourth row, L to R: Harry Dach, Don Crittendon, Rogers Gossett

(Apologies to folks whose names I can't remember!)

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