July 02, 2008

Club Zekken/Nafuda for Memphis Kendo

As the SEUSKF tournament approaches, some of you folks in bogu have been involved with kendo long enough for you to need a "nafuda" (or "zekken" or "thing-with-your-name-on-it-that-fits-on-the-tare").

It is highly recommended, encouraged, etc. (in fact, AUSKF laws REQUIRE it), that you purchase such an item prior to the SEUSKF tournament and since it normally takes around 4 weeks for them to get it back to you, this is something you need to think about (and order) fairly soon.

In order to maintain consistency (letter style, size, etc.) with those who already have them, we ask that you please place your order with E-BOGU at the following link:

If you order on your own, $35 is a fairly standard price to pay, regardless of what company you go with, so... please... go with E-bogu. If you go with anybody else, that's fine, but be advised that your zekken may NOT look exactly like everyone else's.

If at least 5 of you can get your collective minds and money together, there is a discount (see the link) if you order at the same time. Shipping is also free for any order more than $100 (I think that's still true.. see the website for details).

Ordering instructions:
1. access the above website linked.
2. click on "add to cart" and go through the process of filling out your information AND paying for the item
3. then PRINT OUT this form: http://www.e-bogu.com/Customer-Downloads/ZekkenOrderForm040220.pdf
4. on the form, write MEMPHIS across the top line; write your last name in Romanji (that's "English") on the bottom line; write your last name in Katakana (or Kanji, if applicable) vertically down the center. It doesn't have to be perfect handwriting in any case, just so long as it's legible.
If you are not absolutely 100% certain of how to spell your name in katakana, please consult Yasuda-sensei.
5. after filling out the form in full (be sure to have your order # handy to write on the form as well), FAX the form to E-bogu. ***Obviously, you'll need several of these forms if you order as a group ****

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