April 26, 2010

SEUSKF Western Region Shinsa Results (Nashville testing results)

This past weekend, several members of the Memphis Kendo Club travelled to Nashville for the 2010 SEUSKF's Western Region seminar and rank promotion. Players also made the trek from Little Rock (SWKIF), New Orleans, Knoxville, and Atlanta.
Congratulations to everyone!
Warren Oster - 2.kyu
Martin Tribo - 2.kyu
Shinn Taniguchi - 2.kyu
Lysa Walterhouse - 3.kyu
**Kazuo Taniguchi - 4.kyu
**Hiroto Inaba - 4.kyu
**Rigelle Tran - 4.kyu
**Phy Tran - 4.kyu
** Val Barratt - 5.kyu
**denotes first promotional

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