October 04, 2010

2010 SEUSKF Tournament and Testing Results

Congrats to a good showing by Memphis Kendo Club members at the 2010 SEUSKF tournament held this past weekend in Knoxville.  Cpmplete Tournament results will be posted as soon as the info is received.

Yuki Kasuya - 3.dan
William Thornton-Leonard - 1.dan
Warren Oster - 1.kyu
Martin Tribo - 1.kyu
Rigelle Tran - 1.kyu
Lysa Walterhouse - 1.kyu
Shinnosuke Taniguchi - 1.kyu
Kazuo Taniguchi - 2.kyu
Justin Reh - 2.kyu
Courtney Schaal - 4.kyu
Keita Inaba - 5.kyu
Ryo Komaru - 5.kyu

Youth Division A:
1st Place - Shinnosuke Taniguchi

Youth Division B:
3rd Place - William Thornton-Leonard

Youth Division C:
1st Place - Yuki Kasuya

Women's Division:
3rd Place - Masumi Kamimura

1.dan-3.dan Division:
1st Place - Yuki Kasuya

Mudansha Division:
Kanto Sho - Martin Tribo


Unknown said...

well, I thought you know how to spell my last name....

Unknown said...

Congratulations everyone!

MKC said...

@masumi .... what the..? sorry!

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