February 23, 2009

Club Bogu rental

Please keep this in mind starting with March 2009...

If you are using club bogu, there will be a $5/mo. charge.
This is SEPARATE from the dues you pay directly to the Community Center.

If you pay in cash, fine.
If you pay with a check, please make it out to Memphis Kendo Club.

In either case, payment should be put in an envelope with YOUR NAME and the MONTH clearly indicated. Payment should be given to Yasuda-sensei or Gossett-sensei.

The reason this rental fee has been instituted is two-fold:
1. wear and tear on club bogu necessitates repair(s) and/or replacement over time, and
2. after using club bogu for a while, people need to be encouraged to purchase their own so that other beginners can use available club bogu.

February 09, 2009

MazkiyaUSA Bogu Supplier - Updated Website

MazkiyaUSA (the kendo equipment supplier that was here in Memphis last October for the SEUSKF tournament) has updated their website.

.. a whole new look with everything they have to offer.
.. orders can now be made directly on their website.

Check it out!

(There's also a link down the right-hand column of this blog that'll take you right to the site)

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