December 20, 2010

New SEUSKF Board of Directors announced

Results from the recent SEUSKF Board of Directors election have been announced.

Arai, Kunitoshi
Barr, Ryoko
Canada, Tina
Eitel, Robert
Hyun, Phillip
Maeda, Shinobu
Scanlon, Wayne
Souder, Robert
Watson, Mike

The new Board will meet in January to elect officers.

December 15, 2010

2011 AUSKF Education Tour

Kunihide KODA-sensei (Kyoshi, 8.dan) of Ibaragi, Japan will be conductin an education tour for the eastern region of the United States in February 2011. 

Koda-sensei is a professor at Tsuba University (Kendo Section Head). 

His SEUSKF visit will take place in Atlanta on Wed-Fri, February 9th - 11th.

This is the only information available for the time being.
(Potential seminar registration fees, scheduling, topics to be covered, etc. are not known at this time but will be made available as soon as possible).


November 29, 2010

(UPDATE) AUSKF National Championships

The 2011 AUSKF National Championships will be held on the campus of Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

The DATES for the event have been set for FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, AUGUST 12th-13th.
The dinner banquet will be Saturday night, of course, with no events scheduled for Saturday in order to permit travel back home on Sunday.

Keep in mind that SEUSKF Team tryouts are limited to certain individuals (see previous post on that matter) who have voluntarily committed to competing at the tournament should they are selected to the team.

November 15, 2010

Kunitoshi Arai-sensei passes 7.dan

Congrats to Arai-sensei of Georgia Kendo Association, who passed 7.dan this past weekend in Atlanta!

October 04, 2010

2010 SEUSKF Tournament and Testing Results

Congrats to a good showing by Memphis Kendo Club members at the 2010 SEUSKF tournament held this past weekend in Knoxville.  Cpmplete Tournament results will be posted as soon as the info is received.

Yuki Kasuya - 3.dan
William Thornton-Leonard - 1.dan
Warren Oster - 1.kyu
Martin Tribo - 1.kyu
Rigelle Tran - 1.kyu
Lysa Walterhouse - 1.kyu
Shinnosuke Taniguchi - 1.kyu
Kazuo Taniguchi - 2.kyu
Justin Reh - 2.kyu
Courtney Schaal - 4.kyu
Keita Inaba - 5.kyu
Ryo Komaru - 5.kyu

Youth Division A:
1st Place - Shinnosuke Taniguchi

Youth Division B:
3rd Place - William Thornton-Leonard

Youth Division C:
1st Place - Yuki Kasuya

Women's Division:
3rd Place - Masumi Kamimura

1.dan-3.dan Division:
1st Place - Yuki Kasuya

Mudansha Division:
Kanto Sho - Martin Tribo

July 26, 2010

"Dach's Kendo" ~ A short documentary on Memphis Kendo and Sensei Harry Dach

Originally presented at the Live from Memphis project "Flipside Memphis".
Very nice video quality and editing job.

Enjoy and please spread to all your friends!

April 26, 2010

SEUSKF Western Region Shinsa Results (Nashville testing results)

This past weekend, several members of the Memphis Kendo Club travelled to Nashville for the 2010 SEUSKF's Western Region seminar and rank promotion. Players also made the trek from Little Rock (SWKIF), New Orleans, Knoxville, and Atlanta.
Congratulations to everyone!
Warren Oster - 2.kyu
Martin Tribo - 2.kyu
Shinn Taniguchi - 2.kyu
Lysa Walterhouse - 3.kyu
**Kazuo Taniguchi - 4.kyu
**Hiroto Inaba - 4.kyu
**Rigelle Tran - 4.kyu
**Phy Tran - 4.kyu
** Val Barratt - 5.kyu
**denotes first promotional

March 31, 2010

Short Film "4th Dan" NOW ONLINE!

The independent short film "4th Dan" is now available for viewing online:

Click on the tab "THE FILM" to view it for free in its entirety, thanks to supportive efforts from E-Mudo Online Kendo Supplier (

The film is approximately 20ish minutes in length.

2010 SEUSKF Statistics - Memphis 3rd Largest Dojo

For 2010, Memphis Kendo Club came in as the 3rd largest dojo of the Southeast U.S. Kendo Federation.

The SEUSKF, made up of 32 clubs covering seven states (Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia), had a total of 419 people sign up prior to the March 1st deadline.

In addition to the Memphis Club coming in at #3, the other two AUSKF-affiliated clubs from the state of Tennessee (Nashville and Knoxville) were among the top 10 largest of the federation.

2010 Top Ten Largest Dojos of the SEUSKF
1. Georgia Kendo Federation (Atlanta) - 38 members
2. Northern Virginia Budokai (Wash, D.C.) - 33 members
3. Memphis Kendo Club - 30 members
4. Triangle Kendo and Iaido (Raleigh-Durham, NC) - 28 members
5. Nashville Kendo Club - 23 members
6. Georgia Kendo Alliance (Atlanta) - 22 members
7. Peachtree City Kendo Association (Atlanta) - 20 members
8. Gulf Coast Kendo Club (Tampa/St Pete, FL) - 18 members
8. Knoxville Kendo Club - 18 members
10. Koryo Dojo (Richmond, VA) - 17 members

Thanks to all who joined for 2010!!

March 23, 2010

Monday Night Classes

Just a reminder that Monday night classes are now open to everyone IN BOGU.

Since Monday night is not normally a dedicated class (like Wednesday and Saturday), it has been subject to cancellation at the last minute.

If you plan on attending class on Monday night, you can send an email to Pat Register-sensei to confirm whether or not class will take place:
pat (at) patregister (dot) com

March 16, 2010

Understanding SEME

I don't want to make much comment on this video but want to share it.
Some of you may understand things here that others may not quite yet be able to grasp.

Overall, I think this is a very good visual aid. I watched it without the volume turned on and thought it was pretty good. Take note that during the action, the points about "attack" and "invitation" are sometimes written in white or red, and this appears to correspond with which player you should observe.

So, this is provided just FYI for thought and reflection...

February 09, 2010

2010 AUSKF/SEUSKF Membership

Thanks to all who joined AUSKF/SEUSKF for 2010!!!

1. Barratt
2. Bui
3. Cole
4. Crittenden
5. Dach
6. Delancey, C.
7. Edge
8. Gossett
9. Holcomb
10. Inaba
11. Kahre
12. Kamimura, M
13. Kamimura, Y
14. Kasuya
15. Oster
16. Reh
17. Royer
18. Runnels, L.
19. Runnels, N.
20. Taniguchi, K.
21. Taniguchi, S.
22. Thornton-Leonard
23. Tran, P.
24. Tran, R.
25. Tribo, L.
26. Tribo, M.
27. Troyer
28. Walterhouse
29. White
30. Yasuda

January 04, 2010

Congrats to Yasuda-sensei

Congratulations to Yasuda-sensei on receiving his Ph.D. over the holidays!!!!

Doctor Yaz will be returning to the U.S. on Jan 4th...

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